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Online Therapy

Engaging in Online Therapy might feel different from in-person therapy. But different doesn't mean better or worse, as both modalities have their strengths and distinctive places in supporting people with their mental health.

There might be many reasons why people choose to see a psychotherapist Online.
It has been recognised that sometimes people find it easier to talk and express themselves this way than being in the room with a therapist.

Some people may be unable to leave their houses and may prefer to have therapy from the comfort and safety of their homes. Others might live in a remote area with fewer or no options for in-person therapy or they might be looking for a specialised service not available locally. Online Therapy also offers more flexibility and anonymity.

Whatever the reasons, Online Therapy can be a positive choice, as it is convenient, private, safe and available worldwide.

What to Expect

Online Therapy sessions follow the same structure as in-person session. The first session is an assessment, where therapist and client will discuss reasons for seeking therapy as well as assessing suitability for each format of therapy.

There are four main formats to Online Therapy: Video link, Telephone, Instant Message (synchronous) and Email (asynchronous). The Online contact can be a combination of these formats and this will be discussed and agreed between client and therapist at their initial contact.


In Online Therapy both client and therapist are responsible for their respective settings. For instance, the client should have a private and undisturbed space for the Online sessions. It should be a place where the client won’t be overheard and so will feel more confident and comfortable to fully engage in the session.

Online Equipment

In order to have Online Therapy the client must have access to the Internet, with a reliable and fast Internet speed to avoid disruption in the communication. A good audio and video systems would also facilitate the Online contact during the sessions.

Online Security

The platforms used for Online Therapy will be GDPR compliant, secured and end-to-end encrypted as to avoid potential cyber attacks.
Both client and therapist are responsible for the security of their devices, employing password-protection and having regularly updated virus-checkers.

Fees & Payments

Online Initial Consultation (60min) - £40.00
Online Individual Therapy Session (50min) - £70.00
Online Couple Counselling Session (60min) - £80.00
Online CYP and Family Counselling Session (60min) - £80.00

*Payment for Online Therapy must be made in advance at least 48hs prior to the agreed time of session.

Please Contact the therapist with a brief description of your reasons for seeking therapy. The therapist will reply within 24hs with possible dates for an initial consultation. Once an appointment is agreed you will be emailed an Invoice with payment details.


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